Jaye Marie Green

Jaye Marie Green Runs Away with 2013 LPGA Qualifying School

To say Q-School is brutal is an understatement. I have been there and done that in my day. You may be the top rated player on the earth or even ranked somewhere near the top, but when it is time to tee it up in Qualifying School, it is a whole other ball game.

Just think…every shot counts; every breath you take is labored; the nerves are firing; palms are sweating; and your entire life’s work on the course comes down to around 234 holes — 90 of those holes in the Final Stage of Qualifying. Now is not the time to get the flu or sick in any way, there will be no do-overs or delay to allow you to heal. You need to be on your game every shot at every moment bar none. One tiny little shot could make the difference in making it onto the World Stage or waiting another year to do it all again.

Let’s also imagine that you are up against about 300-400 of the worlds best looking to compete on their dream tour and there is usually only 10-20 full exempt cards (allowing you to play in any tournament the following year you choose) and maybe another 20 non-exempt cards (limited opportunities to compete on LGPA Tour during the following year). Looking at this from the reality that it is: More than 300 hopefuls from around the world are looking to grab approximately 20 exempt cards that are available for the coming year’s tour. This is where the heart meets the mind meets the course and players are tested to their ultimate limits.


Jaye Marie Green

And then there is this one player who captured the attention of all with a tournament to remember…is this the start of a History making career?!

Jaye Marie Green Destroys the Final Stage of Q-School Field

Who is this player and how did she lap the field day in and day out during the finals? Even UCLA’s  Tiffany Joh says it perfectly while playing along side of Green, “This is Q-School!  It’s not supposed to be this easy.”

Green played like a true professional from the very first hole. Her demeanor and determination was seen by all. Her final round of -4 put an exclamation point on one of the most dominating performance ever at the LPGA Q-School.  At only 19 years old, Green carded 90 holes at 29-under par (331 total) and destroyed the field by 10 shots.

You may recall that Miss Green has preformed well before on the grand stage and came up just short behind phenom, Lydia Ko, at the 2012 US Women’s Open. But this past weeks performance is one that everyone is talking about and will be for some time as we anticipate her first LPGA Event in 2014. Green started the week with a record breaking first round of 10-under 62 on LPGA International’s Jones Course and ‘cruised’ in with rounds of 68, 66, 67 and 68. Really?! And did I mention that Miss Green had only 1 bogey in the 90 holes! Only 1…Impressive!

This is a performance to remember for years to come with all rounds in the 60’s and etching herself in the LPGA Record Books for a lifetime. I don’t believe we have seen the last of this young rising star!




Here is a Link to Check in with who made it and who will wait another year:




Final Thoughts

Qualifying School is like no other school you will attend. There are players who are still celebrating their victory in attaining their LPGA Status Cards on tour for 2014 and their are other players trying to make sense of the agony of defeat.

Decision will need to be made now by all the players who competed. For those grabbing a card and looking to play next year on tour, they will need a crash course on how to get caddies, make travel arrangements, decide what tournament to compete in to stay fresh and on top of their game and where to come up with around $50k to compete….just so many things added to their competitive plate with a sprinkle of new stresses.

For the others who just fell short, maybe bigger decisions need to be made: What do I do now? Will a player decide it is time to retire for the dream of playing on the LPGA Tour and move in another direction, or will a player decide to prepare and compete on various tours throughout the world to hone their skills.

One this is for sure that no matter the outcome this past weekend, each player should be congratulated on a job well done. To make it to the finals puts you on the ‘Elite Female Golfer’s of the World’ list. Each and every player deserved to be on tour, but not everyone made the cut to play this time.

There is a year to prepare for some to try again and others just a month or so to prepare to be known as an LPGA Tour Player.

The experience is life altering in many ways. I know it was for me. It changes your life’s journey…key is to make that journey a positive experience and it starts from the heart. Golf is not who you are as a person, it doesn’t define you, it is simply a part of who you are as an individual.

On behalf of all of us at Bunkers Paradise, we congratulate all qualifiers! Good luck in the ensuing year and we look forward to writing about each and every one of you!


‘keep smiling and always believe’


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