Mi Jung Hur


Mi Jung Hur

North Berwick, Scotland

TOM BENBOW: Please welcome Mi Jung Hur to the Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open Media Centre. Congratulations. You are winner this year, four-shot win. How does that sound?

MI JUNG HUR: Feels really great. Actually I think this was my first time playing 18 holes by three shots lead. I played really comfortable on 18 because there’s three strokes leading. So I played really comfortable with my confidence and I played great.

TOM BENBOW: This is your third win on the LPGA Tour. What was the key out there today to staying patient?

MI JUNG HUR: My goal for the day was just enjoy my golf and just stay dry from the rain and just keep focused on my game. That was working really well today and it bring me a good result.

TOM BENBOW: Was there a moment during the round that you felt that you could go on and win this?

MI JUNG HUR: No. 12, I had a really short third shot, the par 5, and I didn’t hit it close, and my ball just went a little left, which is down the mound. The putt wasn’t that short, and it was about nine yards to the hole, and I made it. After that, I felt I can win this tournament and I just played with my confidence after that.

TOM BENBOW: You mentioned down there that you weren’t enjoying links golf that much but you’ve had a second place and a win now in three appearances here. What does that say?

MI JUNG HUR: Oh, you mean the second?

TOM BENBOW: You came second here two years ago, and now you’ve won.

MI JUNG HUR: Yes, I don’t know why I don’t like the links course. I think because of when you miss the fairway, there is a really thick rough. If you’ve got bad luck, you really cannot get out from there. I think that’s why I don’t like it.

But this week, I don’t have any trouble with those kind of grass. After this week, I will just keep saying, I love links course (laughter).

Q. Were you aware that it was very close around the turn? There was about four of you tied for the lead.
MI JUNG HUR: When was it? After 10? Actually, I didn’t think about the scores. I just want to play my game and keep away from the scoreboard because I don’t want to think about the scores.

Q. You don’t want to look at the scoreboard?
MI JUNG HUR: I did because there’s so many scoreboard on the course. But just keep thinking, play my game, just enjoy and it works really well today.

Q. You played well at Dundonald a few years ago and the weather was bad then.
MI JUNG HUR: That was really bad. I think that was more worse than today because had 20-, 30-mile-per-hour win that time. But everyone told me, I’m pretty good with the bad weather, but I don’t think by myself, I’m not that good with the bad weather.

But I had a good round today, so I can say I’m a pretty good player with the bad weather.

Q. You group in Korea near to where it’s windy. I think my young grew up on an island, she said, where it’s windy and she grew up playing in the wind. You’re not from the same sort of area?
MI JUNG HUR: No, I’m not from there. But I live in Texas right now which is super windy every day. It’s like 30 miles per hour every day. It’s normal. So getting used to the wind.

Q. Your wins have gone five years — ten years ago —
MI JUNG HUR: I didn’t know that. I hope it’s more closer (laughter).

Q. Was it 2014, obviously your last win?

Q. Nice to get back in that winner’s circle again? Did you sometimes think it might not be coming?
MI JUNG HUR: I had a really good chance in 2017 because I had a really good year on my career. But had no win that year and then I was struggle last year. So I just want to try to get out of the stress from the golf because I got married last year. I want to find more happiness with my families and that stuff’s helping me a lot to just enjoy the golf.

Q. On the back of your waterproofs, you had, “Win at all costs.” Is that just a slogan?
MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, this one. This is my clothing sponsor, and this “WAAC” means “win at all costs” — I think it makes sense.

TOM BENBOW: Tell us about your team. Your husband is here today. Does he travel with you all the time?

MI JUNG HUR: No, not all at time because he had a job in Korea and he just came for the three weeks in Europe, which is starting France and last week in Milton Keynes and this week. And he’s going back to Korea and I’m going back to Dallas tomorrow.

Q. How would you regard that score today in these conditions? Is it one of your best ever rounds?
MI JUNG HUR: Actually, two years ago, when I finished second, I shoot 5-under par on Sunday, and the weather was really bad. Maybe tied. I think it’s tied.

TOM BENBOW: Have you got a Scottish caddie.

MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, my caddie, his game is Gary Marshall. He’s from Scotland. His house is like 30 minutes from here. He said on the first round, starting on No. 1, I made a birdie and made two bogeys after one birdie, and I was mad. And he told me on the 4th tee box, “Come on, MJ, you can win this tournament.”

And then he said that today, as well on the 4th, because I made a bogey on the third. I had a three-putt. It helped me a lot to calm down and he talked about the wind and rain stuff.

Q. How long has he caddied for you?
MI JUNG HUR: I met him last year. Just one year now.

Q. Nice win for him, as well.

TOM BENBOW: Had he caddied for anyone in particular on Tour before?

MI JUNG HUR: He used to caddie on The European PGA Tour. I don’t know, sorry.

TOM BENBOW: Congratulations once again.

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